Supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC), and co-funded under FP7 (Contract 611795) IST-Africa is a strategic collaboration between IIMC (Ireland) and Ministries and National Councils responsible for Information Society, ICT and/or STI (Science, Technology & Innovation) adoption, policy and research in 18 African Countries.

IST-Africa is supporting the Information Society in Africa through:

- International Innovation, Research and Policy Cooperation

- Knowledge Sharing and Skills Transfer between IST-Africa Partners

- Collaborative Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Adoption of Living Labs

- Africa - EU Strategic Partnership (Information Society, ICT, Innovation)

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IST-Africa Highlights

Download recent Reports -

IST-Africa Guide to National ICT Initiatives and Research Capacity - includes mapping of ICT-39 thematic priorities and partners with research expertise

IST-Africa Guide to Bilateral & Multilateral Cooperation Agreements Supporting ICT / STI related Activities

IST-Africa Guide to Living Labs and Innovation Spaces

Download Reports from recent H2020 Workshops focused on ICT-39: 12 November '14, Lilongwe, Malawi; 14 November '14, Nairobi, Kenya; 17 November '14, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; 20 November '14, Kampala, Uganda; 24 November '14, Bujumbura, Burundi

Download IST-Africa Guide to 2015 Calls in Horizon 2020

IST-Africa 2015 (05 - 08 May, Malawi) Call for Papers Closed 19 December 2014

Horizon 2020 Overview - Updated 2014 - 2015 Work Programmes

IST-Africa organised Living Labs Workshop and presented Paper during ICTer Conference, 10 - 12 December

Download IST-Africa Guide to 2014 Calls in Horizon 2020


Visit IST-Africa Project Repository to research stakeholders involved in previous successful projects in your thematic area

Visit IST-Africa Organisational Repository to identify potential partners

Guide to ICT Activities within Horizon 2020

Previous IST-Africa Horizon 2020 Training Workshops and IST-Africa Living Lab Workshops

Download Published IST-Africa Reports including a Comprehensive Living Labs White Paper