IST-Africa Background

Supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC), IST-Africa is a strategic collaboration between IIMC (Ireland) and Ministries and National Councils responsible for Information Society, ICT and Innovation Adoption, Policy and Research in 18 African Countries.

Founded by IIMC in 2002, and Co-Funded under the European Framework Programme since 2005 (Current Contract 611795), IST-Africa has gradually introducing new Partner Countries on a phased basis, which are often at different stages of research capacity, technology adoption and socio-economic development.

- Phase 1: Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania

- Phase 2: Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Uganda

- Phase 3: Burundi, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Senegal

- Phase 4: Angola, Ethiopia, Malawi, Swaziland, Tunisia

IST-Africa facilitates and supports development of the Information Society and Knowledge Economy in Africa through

- International Innovation, Research and Policy Cooperation

- Knowledge Sharing and Skills Transfer between IST-Africa Partners

- Collaborative Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Adoption of Living Labs

- Information Society, ICT & Innovation aspects of Africa-EU Strategic Partnership

IST-Africa also directly supports the goals of the African Ministerial Council on Science and Technology (AMCOST) and the Consolidated Plan of Action for the African Regional Action Plan on the Knowledge Economy (ARAPKE).

IST-Africa Activities

IST-Africa applies a Train the Trainer philosophy to support Capacity Building and Generational Leapfrogging through Structured Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing between Partner Countries.

IST-Africa organises Participatory Training Workshops in Partner Countries focused on Living Labs (supporting Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and opportunities for International Research Cooperation including Horizon 2020

Hosted by IST-Africa Partner Countries since 2006, IST-Africa Week showcases international research collaboration and African Information Society, ICT and Innovation Adoption, Policy and Research Developments and Success Stories.

IST-Africa publishes Research Reports on Partner Country ICT Policies, Initiatives and Research Priorities, and Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Cooperation.