IST-Africa participation during ICT 2018 (04 - 06 December, Vienna)

15 November 2018

ICT 2018 is the Research and Innovation event co-organised by DG CONNECT of the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency in Austria Centre Vienna on 04 - 06 December 2018. It provides an opportunity for projects funded by DG CONNECT and national governments to share their results. It incorporates a conference programme sharing insights into policy issues, sessions focused on specific Horizon 2020 Calls, networking sessions and an Exhibition sharing results from over 100 Horizon 2020 funded projects.

IST-Africa is organising a Networking session focused on Building Research Partnerships addressing African Societal Challenges on Wednesday 05 Dec, Room 2.31 (10:00 - 10:45). This session will share results from IST-Africa research. It aims to: (a) bring together key stakeholders currently involved in technology enabled research and innovation activities across Africa and with Africa; (b) engage with those interested in learning how their research and innovation expertise could address societal challenges in resource constrained environments (which can be found in Europe as well as Africa); (c) share lessons learnt and opportunities identified based on Horizon 2020 funded projects involving Africa (including projects funded under the ICT-39-2015 and ICT-39-2017 Calls; and (d) identify potential technology enabled research and innovation opportunities for resource constrained environments to inform the work programme for FP9.

IST-Africa and mHealth4Afrika are also sharing results during the session on EU-South Africa Cooperation on ICT on Tuesday 04 Dec, Room 0.96 (13:00 - 14:00). This session will showcase ICT Research and Innovation activities being undertaken in South Africa. It is supported by ESASTAP 2020.

IST-Africa and mHealth4Afrika has a demonstration stand (Stand number: INCO7) in the International Cooperation section of the Exhibition on Level 1 in Austria Centre Vienna.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about IST-Africa results and engage with ICT Horizon 2020 National Contact Persons from some of IST-Africa partners countries to learn more about research organisations they can partner with.

mHealth4Afrika will demonstrate the current beta platform which integrates Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records, medical sensors and visualisation tools, and automatically generates monthly program indicators. It is currently being validated in a mix of semi-urban, rural and deep rural heath centres in Southern Africa (Malawi, South Africa), East Africa (Kenya) & Horn of Africa (Ethiopia).