Current ICT Initatives and Projects - Republic of Burundi

Broadband Wireless Network

ITU is implementing the Broadband Wireless Network Project in Burundi. The main outputs of this project include: Deployment of wireless broadband infrastructure in Burundi; Development of ICT applications; Training local experts on the operation of deployed wireless communication networks; Development of national ICT broadband network plans for Burundi that will deliver free or low cost digital access for schools and hospitals, and for underserved populations in rural and remote areas; Development of an impact assessment report and reporting. This project commenced in 2009 and is planned to run to December 2014.

Establishment of National CIRT

ITU is implementing the establishment of the National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) in Burundi. This project aims to assist the Government of Burundi in building and deploying the technical capabilities and training required to establish the national CIRT. This will also assist in developing national cybersecurity capacity. This project commenced in January 2013 and is due to be completed in December 2013.

Regional Communications Infrastructure Project

This regional project is focused on Burundi, Kenya and Madagascar to support the enabling environment, connectivity and preparation for eGovernment applications. This project supported by World Bank and partners and implemented by Ministère des Télécommunications, de l'Information, de la Communication et des Relations avec le Parlement commenced in 2007. The project in Burundi was restructured in April 2013 with the project life extended until April 2014.