IST-Africa 2024 Advance Programme

IST-Africa is one of the most established and prestigious ICT4D / Digital Development International Conference community showcasing technology-enabled Research, Innovation and ICT4D activities and capacity in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world.

IST-Africa 2024 is the nineteenth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research and Innovation Conferences. IST-Africa 2024 is Technical Co-Sponsored by the IEEE Society on Societal Implications of Technology (SSIT).

The IST-Africa conference is a flagship activity of the not-for-profit research and policy IST-Africa Institute .

IST-Africa brings together senior representatives from government, industry, education and research and societal sector actors to share knowledge and results from research and innovation as well as implementation projects, exchange ideas and good practices, and identify community needs requirements and opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Advance Programme

The IST-Africa 2024 Advance Programme incorporates 23 thematically focused sessions featuring over 100 presenters from the public, private, education, research and societal organisations from 20 countries. Click here to view presentations within sessions.

Thematic areas include:

- Monday 20 May - CyberSecurity, Societal Implications of Technology

- Tuesday 21 May - eHealth, Global Development and ICT-enabled Entrepreneurship

- Wednesday 22 May - Next Generation Computing, Content Technologies

- Thursday 23 May - Technology-enhanced Learning,

- Friday 24 May - eGovernment, Energy and eInfrastructures, eAgriculture and Environmental Sustainability