IST-Africa shared results during Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, 13 - 14 October 2016

15 October 2016

Paul Cunningham, IIMC/ IST-Africa shared ongoing results and experiences from the IST-Africa Initiative during the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, from 13 - 14 October 2016.

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) is a cross-disciplinary annual conference focused on advancing technology for the benefit of humanity in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

GHTC brings together stakeholders from the public, private, education and research and societal (not-for-profit) sectors to address the critical issues for the benefit of the resource-constrained and vulnerable populations in the world.

During the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) Public Workshop focused on Global Development on 14 October, Paul Cunningham presented the Role of Collaborative Open Innovation / Co-Designing a Development Project.

This highly participatory workshop, which leveraged results from IST-Africa, focused on providing an opportunity for all key stakeholders involved in or interested in getting involved in global development to share insight, discuss the co-design of development projects and brainstorm. Topics discussed included:

- Potential Role of Collaborative Open Innovation

- Designing an ethical Development Project

- Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment