IST-Africa 2021 Conference

10 - 14 May 2021

Online Submission

The conference language is English. Only full papers are assigned for review.

Submissions should be for technical, policy or visionary papers, and business, government or societal sector case studies within the scope of the conference.

Papers should be submitted online by the extended deadline of 18 December 2020.

Papers must present analysis of initial or final research results or a case study. General project descriptions or project proposals will not be assigned for review.

It is important to highlight actual or expected impact as well as the level of innovation.

Any elements of the paper previously published should be carefully referenced. Authors should undertake a plagiarism check prior to submission and ensure that all content is appropriately referenced including self-references. IST-Africa will also run a plagiarism check prior to allocation of papers for review.

It is necessary for papers submitted to include new elements that have not previously been published to warrant inclusion in the conference proceedings. Any visionary elements in paper should be supported by mini use cases to illustrate applicability.

Each presenter can present ONE paper in the Programme. It is necessary for papers to be presented by an author / co-author and answer questions based on the presentation during the event to ensure inclusion in the Proceedings.

Please only submit papers for review where there are authors/co-authors who will complete registration if accepted for inclusion in the Programme and present the results. Please do not submit multiple papers for which there is only one author who can register.

Full Papers (8 pages, c. 4,000 - 5,000 words) using the IST-Africa Template must be registered on the conference portal by the extended deadline of 18 December 2020.

It is a condition of submitting a paper that (a) authors act on feedback and comments provided by the International Programme Committee (IPC) to ensure high quality conference proceedings, (b) presenters act on feedback provided by their Session Chair to ensure high quality presentations, (c) presenters register and pay the participant's fee by 12 March 2021, before the publication of the Final Programme, and (d) an author or co-author will present the paper during the event and answer questions based on the presentation.

Paper Submission is closed.

Authors who submitted papers by the deadline will receive feedback online via their My Page during February.

Where the draft paper was accepted, the updated Final Paper using the IST-Africa Template including all author details and addressing the feedback provided should be submitted online as a Word document, (.doc format) via My Page by 12 March. A separate document outlining how the feedback provided on the draft paper was addressed in the final paper should be sent to after the final paper is submitted online.