IST-Africa 2013 Conference & Exhibition

29 - 31 May, Nairobi, Kenya

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for IST-Africa 2013 is now closed.

While it is no longer possible to include papers in the Conference Proceedings, our policy is to facilitate where possible appropriate presentations in the Scientific Programme where space allows.

If you missed the Call for Papers but believe that the IST-Africa Community would benefit from a presentation of thematic research results, please contact the Conference Secretariat describing your proposed presentation and where it could fit in the Programme.

All Papers and Presentations must focus on a research or eAdoption topic and showcase analysis, a case study or other research results. General project descriptions are not appropriate.

It is a condition of submitting a paper or presentation that presenters act on feedback provided by their Session Chair to ensure high quality presentations, and register and pay the participant's fee. Each presenter can present only one paper or presentation in the Programme