IST-Africa 2012 Conference & Exhibition

May 2012, Tanzania

Call for Papers

Paper submissions are now invited for IST-Africa 2012. The conference language is English and submissions should be for technical or visionary papers, and business or government case studies within the scope of the conference. Papers (4,000 - 5,000 words) using the IST-Africa Paper Template, must be registered on the conference portal by 30 November 2011.

Please refer to Paper Guidelines for more information.

Papers should focus on a research or eAdoption topic on which a case study, initial or final results can be published. General project descriptions are not appropriate. All papers must highlight the level of innovation and actual or expected impact.

It is a condition of submitting a paper that (a) authors act on feedback and comments provided by the International Programme Committee (IPC) to ensure high quality conference proceedings, (b) presenters act on feedback provided by their Session Chair to ensure high quality presentations, and (c) presenters register and pay the participant's fee by 09 March 2012, before the publication of the Final Programme.

Workshop Submissions

Workshop proposals for discussion and tutorial sessions are invited for the IST-Africa 2012 Conference. The conference language is English and workshops should focus on one of the thematic priorities of the conference. Workshop organisers should register proposals online by 30 November 2011. Your workshop proposal should provide a clear overview of your proposed session under the headings outlined in the submission form:

- Summary of problem domain being addressed

- Workshop objectives

- Summary of discussion/tutorial focus, proposed outcome and target audience

- Outline Programme (presenters, synopsis of presentation)

Each workshop proposal should be supported by a minimum of two papers per workshop session, which will be double blind reviewed by the IPC. The proposed speakers should submit their papers via Paper Submission and insert: PAPER FOR WORKSHOP SESSION "Enter Workshop Title" in the first paragraph of their paper.

Workshop organisers can contact Paul Cunningham Conference Chair, if they wish to discuss any aspect of their proposal in advance of the closing date.

Publishing schedule for IST-Africa 2012

- Draft Final Paper and workshop proposals submitted by 30 November 2011

- Provisional acceptance of draft final papers with IPC feedback by 31 January 2012

- Final papers to be delivered electronically by 29 February for editorial review and quality check