IST-Africa 2008 Conference & Exhibition

07 - 09 May 2008, Windhoek, Namibia


Windhoek International airport (Hosea Kutako International airport) is located 42 kilometres from Windhoek.

Driving in Namibia

In Namibia, all vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road as in the majority of the Southern Africa countries.

It is compulsory to carry your driver license and the vehicle documentation at all times, as this must be produced on request at the roadblocks which lead in and out of Windhoek. Please ensure that your driver license is recognised in Namibia or apply for an International Drivers License in sufficient time prior to travelling.

Seat belts must be worn at all times, and it is prohibited to use a mobile phone whilst driving.

If you wish to hire a car to pick up upon arrival at Hosea Kutako International airport, it is necessary to book the car in advance. Hire car companies operating at the airport include Hertz, Budget, Avis and Imperial. It is often possible to get better rates and excess waivers if booked from outside the country. The drive from the airport to Windhoek takes 40 minutes. The road infrastructure in and around Windhoek is excellent and drivers are courteous.

The general speed limit is 120km/hr on the tar roads outside of towns, 100km/hr on gravel roads and 60km/hr in built up areas.